Starbar, QuikStrike, Fly Abatement Strip


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In enclosed structures or sites with low to moderate house fly
populations, use 1 strip per 300 ft2. In open structures or sites with high
house fly populations, use 1 strip per 100-150 ft2. Ventilation will not
diminish QuikStrike’s effectiveness since it works by fly feeding action.
Remove the QuikStrike strip from the protective pouch. Handle by grasping corner
2. This product contains 1 attractant container on the fly bait
station. Crush the attractant container at time of application. NOTE: This
attractant has a strong odor.
3. For best results, hang or affix device
close to fly forage areas out of reach of children and animals. Place strip
close to the ground in areas that are inaccessible to children and animals.
Avoid placement of strip in locations higher than 4 feet above the ground.

4. Do not place where daily activity will get strips wet.
5. Replace
when effectiveness diminishes.

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