Shut Eye, Cow Eye Patch Kit, 10 Pack

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A protective eye patch for pinkeye treatment in cattle. Patches are glued on over the eye to protect the eye and the medication. It will fall off in about 10 days and is biodegradable. Protection from sunlight helps the eye to heal quicker along with other supportive pinkeye therapy treatments. This kit has patches sized to fit cows, yearling cattle and weaned calves of 700 lbs or heavier. The kit contains 10 patches and one tube of glue in the box.
Directions: Brush away dirt and loose hair around the eye. Be sure animal’s hair is dry. Apply a 1/4″ ring of adhesive around the patch 1/2″ from the outer edge. Place patch over the eyer with peak centered seam pointing towards the ear. Press on firmly to ensure a good bond.
Refer to the product label for complete instructions. Consult with your veterinarian for a complete pinkeye control program.

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