The secret to our success is helping you achieve yours. For 94 years, Augusta Co-op has provided better feed and animal nutrition for healthier lives. We work every day to research, innovate and create solutions that enable you to succeed.

We’ve come a long way since 1929. Augusta Co-op has built a brand that serves the largest dairy and beef herds to the smallest backyard farm. Our team comes to work every day dedicated to advancing how we deliver nutrition across all major species including cattle, dairy, sheep, goats, horses, poultry, pigs and many more. From ingredient evaluation, all the way through complete feed formulations and productivity solutions, we can help you differentiate your business and improve profitability. Augusta Co-op offers a broad portfolio of high-quality, cost-effective, bagged or bulk feed products along with best-in-class feed additives to support animal health and performance. Our cutting-edge technologies, software, education and experience is second to none in our industry.

Feed safety is also at the top of our list. In 2016, Augusta Co-op became one of the few feed manufacturing companies in the U.S. to become Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified by the American Feed Industry Association. Becoming Safe Feed/Safe Food-certified means the facility demonstrates and ensures continuous improvement in delivering safe, wholesome livestock feed for the growth and care of animals. This is a one-of-a-kind, voluntary program that has resulted in the certification of more than 450 feed-related facilities across the country. Certified facilities go above and beyond federal requirements to ensure the highest standards in manufacturing and processing are followed each and every day.

Along with a vast array of feed & nutritional services, Augusta Co-op has invested in our expert staff. Our people are our foundation. Their on-farm expertise, collaboration and commitment to excellence are top of their field.

Safe Feed, Safe Food Certified Facility

Feed Division Offerings

Nutritional Consultation
Ration Balancing
Custom Feed Blending
Bulk & Bagged Feeds
Forage Sample Analysis
Grain Analysis
Bulk & Bagged Feed Delivery


Bulk Commodities

We source large loads of commodity ingredients such as grains, proteins (soybean meal, distillers, corn gluten, canola) and fibers (soyhulls, cottonhulls) for your farm.  Other commodities may be available.

Further Grain Processing

Our automated feed mill is equipped  with steam crimping, grinding, and pelleting manufacturing capabilities which allows grains to be processed into different forms for increased energy digestibility and feeding flexibility.

Grain Banking Program

This program allows our customers to store grain harvested during the crop season for further processing and blending back into feed mixes for livestock.



Allyson Saufley
Feed Division Personnel/Purchasing Manager
540-885-1265 x 225

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown
Staunton Feed Mill Manager
540-885-1265 x 225

Allison Miller

Allison Miller, M.S.
Livestock Nutritionist

Denny Sells
Ruminant Nutritionist

Augusta Co-op is proud to be ‘Feeding Your Passion’ since 1929.