Purina, Accuration Hi-Fat Tub, Plastic, 200 lbs.


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A new version of Purina’s popular Accuration block
that contains higher levels of fat for even more energy. This version contains
10% fat. Part of Purina’s Sustained Nutrition Program to help fill in
nutritional gaps in native pasture and hay, improved hay, or dormant grasses and
crop residues. Contains Intake Modifying Technology that helps cows to better
utilize forage and balance intake according to forage conditions. Animals will
adjust consumption based on forage quality. Can also be fed to sheep and goats.
This technology optimizes pasture and forage use and promotes multiple snack
meals. Can be conveniently placed in the pasture and moved around as needed
giving the producer more flexibility over daily feed supplements and lick tanks
A molasses based product that supplements protein, fat and minerals Designed to
be fed year-round to help cows maintain consistent body condition. Cattle should
consume approximately 1.0 to 3.0 pounds per head per day to meet nutritional
needs on a self-fed basis with most consumption in the 1.5 to 2.5 lb range.
Consumption for sheep and goats is 0.5 to 1.0 lb per head per day. One 500 lb
block should be provided for each 20 to 25 head of cattle or 50 to 75 head of
sheep/goats Weather-resistant Proven performance in multiple trials in many
geographic locations and with a wide variety of feedstuffs 25% Crude Protein
(not more than 17% NPN), 10% Crude Fat, and 3% Crude Fiber Refer to the product
label for complete nutrient analysis and feeding instructions. This product does
contain non-protein nitrogen so do not place in soybean fields or other crops
containing high amount of urease.

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Weight 200 lbs


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