MiraFount, 3390 2-Hole Waterer, 44 Gallon

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Energy free, frost-free design with heavy insulation inside rugged, polyethylene construction. Provide water to cattle all year long without worrying about freezing temperatures or extreme heat. Requires less maintenance than other water systems and no electricity. When pressure is applied, balls roll underneath top panels to the side so animals can drink from opening. No sharp edges. High impact material resists corrosion plus no chipping or cracking. Sloped bottom for easy cleaning. Split end panels allow you to easily remove top end panels to get cattle started drinking during the first few days of arrival. Stainless steel anchor bolts included. This is the larger version of the 2 hole Mirafount models that Miraco offers. 5 year warranty. 44 gallon trough capacity, maximum animal capacity is 150 head beef cattle/60 head dairy. 43″ long X 29″ wide X 20″ tall (drinking height). Uses 10.75 inch balls.
*all instructions must be followed and adequate animals must be drinking for energy-free, frost-free operation.

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Weight 126 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 29 × 43 in


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