Bayer, Tempo SC Ultra, Pest Control Concentrate

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A premise spray for broad spectrum control of crawling, flying pests and wood infesting pests on indoor and outdoor surfaces, including in and around livestock premises. Registered for use around dairy barns, poultry houses, swine houses, milking parlors, hospital pens, clinics, chutes, and horse stables. EPA registered for both food and non-food handling areas. Fast knockdown with residual control for up to 4 weeks. Delivers the power of a powder in a liquid suspension concentrate formula. Highly effective at lower rates than other insecticides. Contains 11.8% Beta-cyfluthrin, a fifth generation pyrethroid. Controls insects resistant to organophosphate and carbamate.
One 32ml bottle makes 2 gallons of spray which is enough to treat 2,000 sq ft. Refer to the product label for complete instructions.

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